Utah into Semifinals after fending off Arizona

D1A Rugby: Utah into Semifinals after fending off Arizona
Photo Credit: Henry O'Keefe

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. – The University of Utah did well to protect its home turf in a D1A Quarterfinal win over Arizona, 36-14.

Coming off a quality win on the road against Red River Conference Champions LSU, the Wildcats took the upper hand early in the game, producing an 11-5 advantage. The Utes would eventually find their step and outscore its opposition 21-3 during the middle stages of the game. Leading 26-14, fly half Josh Webber closed the game with ten points of his own to advance Utah to its first-ever D1A Semifinal.

The West Conference Champions will face the winner of a Quarterfinal match between Air Force and Saint Mary’s. The Utes have faced each of its potential Semifinal foes, besting the Zoomies 41-30 in November, and losing to Saint Mary’s 57-50 in March.

One thought on “Utah into Semifinals after fending off Arizona

  1. Frank SanPietrosays:

    Arizona Wildcats are a tough bunch that faltered in the frigid Rocky Mountain rain and a formidable onslaught by Utah in the 2nd half . The Utes are #5 and proved it. Arizona will be there again. Well coached and aggressive. Fun to watch.

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