Canterbury D1A Top 20 Rankings: Week 18


Canterbury D1A Top 20 Rankings: Week 18

The Mid-South continues to flex its muscle with each of the conference’s four teams ranking in the top six. Colorado’s steady climb has pushed the Buffs to No. 7 this week. In California, San Diego State has put itself back in the playoff picture with back-to-back wins. Potential eligibility infractions have further dropped Indiana.


Here is the Canterbury D1A Top 20:

   1. Saint Mary's (1)

   2. Life (2)

   3. Arkansas State (3)

   4. Lindenwood (4)

   5. Kutztown (6)

   6. Davenport (7)

   7. Colorado (9)

   8. Cal Poly (8)

   9. Penn State (5)

   10. Santa Clara (10)

   11. Wyoming (12)

   12. Michigan (11)

   13. San Diego State (16)

   14. Air Force (14)

   15. Wisconsin (13)

   16. Colorado State (18)

   17. Wheeling Jesuit (17)

   18. Oklahoma (20)

   19. West Point (NR)

   20. Indiana (15)

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Comments (8)

  • Rugger

    How can you have West Point behind Oklahoma when they tied texas a&m and army beat them 42-12 makes little sense....

  • Fonzie

    The Cal Poly vs. San Diego State game set to be played on the last weekend of the season will be a great clash against two evenly-matched athletic teams struggling to stay in the top tier of college rugby. To the victor goes the spoils (i.e., a playoff berth).

  • Moose

    In reply to: Fonzie

    Struggling to stay in the top tier of college rugby? How is absolutely dominating the BYU scrum and only losing by 15 in the end struggling? I fail to understand your logic. I do agree however that it will be a very hotly contested match!

  • Fonzie

    In reply to: Moose

    In the recent past, Cal Poly and San Diego State were at the top of the 2nd tier of college rugby teams in California (behind Saint Mary's and Cal). Now, they find themselves behind teams like UCLA and Santa Clara.

    UCSB and Stanford have followed the same downward trend. Just an observation.

  • Gopher

    U Minnesota beat Wisconsin during an abbreviated match this Spring. So you know.

  • midwest fan

    In reply to: Gopher

    Wisco played none of its seniors, either

  • Question

    Can someone explain how the d1-A playoffs will work?

  • Carter

    West Point should be in the top 10. Confused as to why they're not.