2014 D1A Playoffs set, kickoff April 19

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2014 D1A Playoffs set, kickoff April 19

Photos: Steve Zomberg (homepage) Mike Geib (right)

BOULDER, Colo. – Twelve teams have battled through their conference schedules, tested themselves in non-conference matches, and have now earned the right to play for a National Championship.

First round playoff matches kick off Saturday, April 19, when eight teams will be in action. The top four seeded teams have received first round byes: Saint Mary’s, Life, Arkansas State, and Lindenwood.

Saint Mary’s cemented its spot as the overall No. 1 seed by easily handling previously-undefeated Santa Clara 70-5. The Gaels benefited from quality performances from Dino Waldren, Kingsley McGowan and Nick Schlobohm, all of whom scored two tries apiece.

Life rested a number of starters this past Saturday, but managed to outscore Davenport 24-0 in the second half on its way to a 27-6 victory. The other Mid-South game was far more compelling as Lindenwood fell to Arkansas State 21-20. Lindewood scored a try in the 72nd minute, but the potential game winning conversion was missed, and the Red Wolves held onto the win, and subsequently held their third spot in the rankings.

Both Colorado State and Wyoming are playoff bound, even after the Cowboys lost 57-25 to the Rams Saturday. Wyoming raced out to a 13-0 lead, but were completely dominated the rest of the match. Colorado State and Wyoming will travel to California for their first round playoff matches to play Santa Clara and Cal Poly, respectively. A third team from the West has also qualified in Colorado. The Buffs’ match against Air Force was snowed-out Sunday. Still, the Buffs will host San Diego State April 19.

Cal Poly will host a playoff match following its 31-10 defeat of San Diego State. The Aztecs’ loss did not keep them out of the playoffs, but the team will need to beat Colorado on the road if they want to reach the National Quarterfinal.

West Point finds itself in the playoffs, as well. After disciplinary actions kept Army from competing in the East Conference’s fall schedule, the team won an appeal process, making itself eligible for the spring playoffs. An impressive run of four non-conference victories in less than three weeks was enough to land Army at No.11 in the latest Canterbury D1A Top 20, and into the postseason.

2014 D1A Playoffs Round One – April 19

Game 1: Colorado State @ Santa Clara

Game 2: West Point @ Davenport

Game 3: San Diego State @ Colorado

Game 4: Wyoming @ Cal Poly

Round 2 – April 26

Game 5: Winner Game #1 @ Saint Mary’s

Game 6: Winner Game #2 @ Lindenwood

Game 7: Winner Game #3 @ Life

Game 8 Winner Game #4 @ Arkansas State

Round 3 – May 3 (Higher seeds to host)

Winner Game #5 vs. Winner Game #6

Winner Game #7 vs. Winner Game #8

The two winning teams from Round 3’s National Semifinal will play for the 2014 D1A National Championship at Stanford University May 10.

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  • Another Question

    Hopefully Alex Solomon replied to this,

    What is the deal regarding teams being able to participate in both D1a and varsity cup for playoffs? is there restrictions on that? Isn't having 3 teams from the west (A collectively poor division) a bit much? those spots could be for the other teams in conferences like the big east(the ones that weren't suspended that is) or even the second place finishers in the ARC since OU pulled out. There isn't enough cross conference play in season to determine the strength of other conferences, however playoffs would sort this out, yes?

  • There are no restrictions regarding Varsity Cup teams being eligible for D1A Playoffs.

    I couldn't agree with you more, I'd like to all six conferences represented in the D1A Playoffs.

  • Voice of Reason to Another Question

    In reply to: Alex Solomon

    How do you figure west is a collectively poor division? Agree with more conference participation in D1A playoffs. Leave the Varsity Cup to the "bad news bears"!

  • Yeah boiiii!

    In reply to: Voice of Reason to Another Question

    BAD NEWS BEARS!!! I like!

  • JAcob

    What's the prize for winning? Cash? Scholarship?

  • Why knot

    Can't we do a big dance like NCAA b-ball?

  • Brad C.

    BYU and Cal are still the class of collegiate rugby. The sooner the ncaa can get them all pulling in hue same direction, the better. In the mean time, I have my varsity club championship tickets and am loving VC rugby.

  • Gary R

    In reply to: Brad C.

    Yeah USArugby needs to get it together. I agree BYU and Cal are the elite teams with St Marys, Life and Ark St competitive.. Would love to see them all play. I think Varsity Cup is heading the right direction.

  • BigTen Fan

    Why no Big Ten Teams? Also, the standing showed Indiana as undefeated yet three other Big Ten teams are ranked ahead of them? Confusing.

  • Alex Solomon

    In reply to: BigTen Fan

    BigTen Fan, Indiana is disqualified from participating in this year's playoffs as well as the 2015 playoffs for using ineligible players during its fall 2013 season. Michigan would have earned itself a playoff spot, but decided to focus their spring on 7s rather than play in the D1A Playoffs.