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Hoosiers Confirmed as Big Ten Champions – 58-38 Defeat over Wolverines

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Hoosiers Confirmed as Big Ten Champions – 58-38 Defeat over Wolverines

Indiana University Hoosiers overcame the University of Michigan Wolverines 38-58. This brings the Big Ten to the end of the Fall season after seeing some sensational game play. In all, the Hoosiers set the standard with a strong showing of fitness, strategy and plain old hard work, as Indiana Coach Sarasopa Enari would say. The first half of the match, though, saw a very different story – it seemed quite likely that Michigan despite all odds would come out on top of the mighty Hoosiers. Weather conditions can be attributed in part to the Wolverine’s success, though the spirit out on the pitch was otherworldly. In all, we did not see the upset of the century; Michigan had a strong showing forcing Indiana to earn their win.

Starting off, a tough series of penalties brought the Hoosiers up 0-12 early on in the match. Responding with force, Michigan looked to seniors Kenny Andutan and Chris Padmos to ramp up the intensity resulting in a successful trip into the Hoosiers try zone, 7-12, with a big thank you to flanker Sequoyah Burke-Combs for touching the ball down. Some strong play by both sides persists as IU blood subs occur. Working it up the field, Matt Kasten brings in a 60 meter run and after a quick recovery, IU gives up another try bringing the score to 14-12 Michigan.

Hoosiers recognize areas to sure up and organize, eventually awarded multiple penalties. IU confidently elects to go for the five point try, as opposed three points from a penalty kick, without a successful touch down The next points to be scored came from Wolverine Joe Conzelmann after launching the pill through the uprights, bringing the score to 17-12 Michigan with just five minutes left in the half.

A quick turn around off the restart, Indiana managed a try at the 37 minute mark. Unsuccessful conversion attempted, the scoreboard read 17-17 with three minutes left in the half. Some quick plays to come in the final minutes of the half seeing a significant attempt to the try zone by Wolverine Burke-Combs proves fruitful. A missed conversion by Conzelmann brings Michigan ahead 22-17. As we all know play does not stop until the referee blows the whistle – the boys in blue have really taken that to heart. With just moment’s left, Conzelmann brings in three penalty points by launching the ball through the uprights from 39 meters out. Half time score sees Michigan up 25-17.

Some of Michigan’s successes in the first half can be attributed to a favorable wind helping them march into the Indiana try zone. After just five minutes into the second half, Indiana crosses the ball over Michigan’s try line bringing them within one point of the Wolverines, 25-24. Maintaining the momentum the Hoosiers continue to apply pressure and bring the ball deep within the Wolverine’s half. A successful goal line stand ends with an Indiana knock on, resulting in a Michigan scrum. The Hoosiers rebound by winning the scrum and bringing in five more points with 25 minutes to go in the second half.

Shortly thereafter, Michigan draws a penalty giving Conzelmann, who is up for nomination as D1A Player of the Month, the chance to impress us all with his kicking consistency by achieving another penalty kick – 28-29 Indiana. This is where the Hoosiers really bring up the heat. After some strong phases and execution of legendary IU pattern play, we see a try and conversion bring up the tally, 28-36 Indiana.

Maintaining this pressure and momentum, Indiana restarts to Michigan and keeps the Wolverines pinned deep into their own half. With discipline, the Hoosiers impose a turnover and capitalize to bring in their seventh try of the match, 28-41 Indiana. After another restart, Indiana manages a penalty kick for the first time of the match – a success brings the score to 28-44 Indiana.

A restart places the ball in Michigans hands with only a few minutes left in the game. Wolverine determination brings the ball straight through the Indiana half narrowing the point spread, 33-44. Playing on injury time, the game continues as the Hoosiers score two back-to-back try’s, bringing the count to 33-58. And just as we are all ready to pack our bags and head in for a hot chocolate, the Wolverines pull out a final try as if to make a statement that they are a force to be reckoned with. The final score of the match is 38-58 and places the Indiana Hoosiers as Big Ten Champions earning and undefeated season. Indiana will move onto the American Collegiate Rugby Championship to take on Bowling Green this Saturday, November 16th

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  • fan

    too bad just sucked up.IU won the Big Ten and they are not required to play in this unsanction tournament. IU had a great undefeated season, so give them credit for their achievement.

  • Morgan Freeman

    "we may not have won but we are still awesome"
    First off, did a 5th grader write this article?
    As much as I'm used to everyone kissing Michigan's ass, didn't Indiana WIN...? By 20 points...? Bringing them to 361 points scored and only 78 allowed in 7 games....? which were also all wins....? Please someone correct me if I am wrong.
    Like the 12 year old that obviously wrote this article, it should be apologizing to IU for all the doubt and neglect all season and offering them some holographic pokemon cards in an attempt to be friends.

  • Kiwi

    My goodness, the incorrect use of terminology and the blatant inability to check basic facts is staggering... touch down as opposed to try, American Collegiate Rugby Championship - I think not...

    IU's drive, determination and Southern Hemisphere style of playing is a tribute to themselves and their coaching team and rightly deserves to be written as such.

    Sad to say but this article reads more as a one sided, bias piece due to the repeated use of Michigan player Joe Conzelmann's name (x4) and not a single mention of an IU player they way Joe's achievements have been recorded.

    Danielle, while you do try to make this a balanced piece in places it does laugh in the face of IU's well deserved win and undefeated season which should be heralded from the rooftops.

    It is obvious throughout all the articles written here that IU have been undervalued and neglected, just like"Morgan Freeman" has pointed out and this needs to be rectified. Particularly if American Rugby is to move forward, earn a place as a Varsity sport and to be taken more seriously by the rest of the rugby playing world.

    Congratulations Michigan for being the strongest team IU have met in this tournament and a fantastic referee allowing for a free flowing game, made this a wonderful match to watch, pity this article does not reflect the same.

  • Steven R

    In reply to: Kiwi

    Note, she did not use the now standardized conjunction "touchdown" as it is properly referred to in American Football, but rather "touch down" which refers to the act of touching the ball down. Like when a someone says "the plan will touch down at 0900."

    As we learn this game in the US, you can expect common rugby words and phrases to alter slightly compared to our counterparts over seas . For example, the proper usage should maybe have been "grounding the ball" but in the US, the term "grounding" resonates only with being put on restriction by your parents for bad behavior or hitting a baseball that with a bat that bounces through the infield. Both things are more common language in the US than scoring a try by "grounding the ball".

  • Confused

    Is this article about Michigan and it's players alone? Sounds very one-sided if I may say so!!

  • Steven R

    I'll tell you there is much more info being reported than last year. One sided or not finding news about rugby is hard to find.

  • Muddddddd

    My guess is that the article was written with information provided by only one team, hence the michigan heavy info and no Indiana names. I had to do some digging around because our IU fb didn't give any details, only scores. Meanwhile, I was followed the game through the michigan twitter updates because the game was too close not to and they put up a ton of info. it really was a close game that had me on the edge until the last couple minutes when we took it home!!!!!!

  • D1ARugby

    Whoa fellas!!!!!!! Chill for a sec. Not to many people are making the effort to report college rugby, much less IU rugby. You may not be "moved" by Ms. Siegler's penmanship, but as the old sayin' goes "if a tree falls in the forrest..." Congrats IU on your awesome season, BTU Championship, and for qualifying for the D1A Playoffs in April!

  • Danielle Siegler

    To all those who have left comments above, I’d like to thank you. I’m not being sarcastic. As many of you may know I am not a professional journalist, just an interested rugby player and fan like yourself. I have been given the fortunate opportunity to explore the world of rugby through this new perspective. I take many of the above comments to heart and find them to be useful pieces of feedback as I grow as a rugby writer. Please do keep them coming and thank you for the lively discussion and readership.

  • Hawkeye Dad

    Any reporting on Big Ten rugby is great and you're doing a fine job, Ms. Siegler. Thanks for keeping us informed.